14 Jul 2009

Another Youtube takedown! And a putbackupagain.

Youtube dropped another bomb on me. They must be getting good at dropping bombs with pinpoint accuracy, ahem.

Yes, I know, I used copyrighted music for an old training video I made on how to use the Norden bombsight in IL2. It was way before there was any real concern that Youtube would eventually have a strop with Warners Music Group and decide to pull all their content off the site.

My Bad.

Also very irked as it had been one of my more popular videos, and was still getting hits and comments even though the tutorial was over 2 years old. I still get messages asking for more information on how to drop bombs (sorry all if I don't reply to them all, it's just lack of time, but thanks for the interest. Best place to get help is in the forums then everyone can share and learn).

Well, I guess I should put it up again without WMG music. It means losing some of the sound effects, but hopefully this will still be useful to enthusiastic bombardiers. And hey, at least it means I can do it in HD this time. Back in the old days there was no such thing :)

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