24 Oct 2009

Quarter of a million hits and a facelift for Flight Sim Machinima

For 3 years now we have been selecting the best flight sim movies in one collection as a showcase of the great films that can be created from game engines. Many of these films were hosted on different sites for downloading which have since become unavailable, and also there were very few high quality streaming sites available back then.

So, after 250,000 hits on the website, we decided to give the site a brand new and modern style and also to create a channel on Youtube for easy viewing of all the videos in HD where available.


Please take some time to look through the fantastic, moving and entertaining films that have been made from IL2 and other simulators since the very first days when amateur moviemakers realized just what they could achieve all on their own and inexpensively with a game engine, a computer and some good ideas.

This process is now widely recognized as the art of machinima, and we sincerely hope that many of you will begin or continue making great flight sim movies.

Thanks to all on the team for keeping the flag flying - Russell (Joe90) Boyd, Chris (Bbloke) Hunton, Steve (Monty-Dan) Worsley, Bruce (Wiley/Doolittle81) Wallace, Sjon (GL2) Stevens, Michael (310thFalcon) Lockhart and Tinus (biltongbru) le Roux.