18 Jun 2012

The Godfather of Flight Sim Movies

‎"An interview with Machinima Director Russell Boyd described as the Godfather of Flight Sim Movies"

Heh, well there are others that deserve that title too! (here are some of them)

Thanks for the interview by Pooky Amsterdam for the World Gaming Executives Magazine 5.

Bag The Hun - Approved

One of my old films from 2008 and first attempt at integrating a flight sim (IL2) and an animation program (Moviestorm), was picked up by the son of a WW2 instructor from RAF Sutton Bridge Central Gunnery School.

His father watched the film and said "That’s more or less how it was". As his son, Geoff807, commented, "he went through it all, he’s rightly critical if things on TV re WW2 aren’t properly researched & accurate – which this clearly is. I think it’s excellently done".

Good to have this old one "officially" approved, and added to the RAF Sutton Bridge Wiki (thanks, Geoff).