3 Jun 2010

Dakadakadaka - Machinima Expo 2010 Trailer

The Machinima Expo 2010 is now accepting entries. It would be great to see some flight sim movies represented though I know it has been a quiet year. Still, there are a few months to go before the deadline is up -August 31st.

2009 had two of Doktorkop's films included, one nominated for a jury prize and another screened. Myself and Blackace had films screened too, but these were not flight sim movies.

2008 had Faith Hope and Charity screened and Bag the Hun was on display on one of the vendor stands.

I know there are good flight sim movies out there, so please do submit!

There have also been some amazing films made in other engines so I'm sure it will be the best Expo yet, especially as we are hoping to have many more attendees both from the web via Livestream and other browser technologies as well as in Second Life.

PS here's the original