11 May 2009

Chuffed with OMFF results

Winners of Online Machinima Film Festival 2009

Very pleased to not only get a runner up award for best film at this year’s Online Machinima Film Festival, but chuffed to see other Flight Sim movies get a mention.

My own Shoulder to Shoulder was third for best film, using IL2, Sims 2 and my first tinkering with CGI.

Wolf’s Desert Dogfighter was third for best drama, and this is one of the best dramatic stories told using a flight sim engine, integrated with ArmA and a few others.

TLR was third for best first film. Tinus is now developing great integration films; see more of his work at Youtube

Also, pleased to see Pooky getting third place in the series category with the brilliant 2nd QuestioN! live machinima show.

Congrats to all the winners, and a big thanks to Michelle for organising this. Shame there won't be an event for us all to get together again in Second Life.