20 Oct 2008

Bag the Hun - a Moviestorm and IL2 experiment

Is Moviestorm a tool that will introduce characters to IL2 movies?

I made this experimental movie to help new pilots learn how to improve their shooting and also to see how the mixing of the two engines is received.

Download the high quality wmv version HERE


Matt Kelland said...
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Matt Kelland said...

Characters will make such a difference to movies such as Faith, Hope & Charity, and I'm really pleased with the way you've integrated the Moviestorm and IL2 footage. I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take this and how this will change your movies.

Shameless plug - you can download Moviestorm free from http://www.moviestorm.net for Windows (XP & Vista) or Mac. (Full disclosure, it's my company.)

(Edited cos I got the link code wrong last time!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe 90,

That was really cool mate. You're pushing the envelope again.

It would be good to see character-driven films. It's nice to add a bit of education to the mix too!


Flying Nutcase

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe...where are you going with that Spitfire control column in your hand? :)

seriously..top work! The first il2 movie where characters are not ridiculous, but they improve the video! hats off!

Russell Boyd said...

Thnaks all, and feel free to plug, Matt!

Very funny joke Mr/Ms Anonymous, erm, who are you?

Anonymous said...

Hallo and good morning to you!

A great and very interesting video!

Keep the good working going!

Greetings from Germany
BB !S ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Reflected from AAA forums. Sorry for being anonimous, I couldn't find out how to write a user ID. I've watched the video 34- times again, I can't get enough. I wish such videos would be default features of campaigns in SoW:BoB.
I'm still amazed how perfectly you could blend the different sources into one video.
PS: Good choice of music! - hence my little joke:)

Anonymous said...

btw which sound do you use for the Spit's guns/cannons? they don't sound like the stock modded ones. I like them very much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hallo, welcome from Germany, and I hope you didn't take offence at the use of historic documents?

Reflected,it was the stock latest sound mod. Maybe it sounds different as the clips went through various processing stages, and also the output from blip or WMP will be different from the output from the game engine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this together Joe

If only I could really shoot like that ;)

Russell Boyd said...

lol, me too! Oh, the lies of Hollywood ;)

Anonymous said...
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