4 Mar 2008

Norden Bombsight Training (Apr 07)

A training movie showing how to use the Norden Bombsight to level bomb from high altitude.

Click HERE to download the high quality version from mission4today or click below to see the streaming version from vimeo.com:

Norden Bombsight Training from Russell Boyd on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Great vid Russ, can now nail the target every time thanks to your help.

Russell Boyd said...

Glad it helped :)

Unknown said...

Excellent technique. I had never considered using a dummy target. Usually, I just use the calculator to add 2% per 1000 ft, but this works much better, thanks!

striker16 said...

Why my rudder trim wont WORK while Stabilizer is ON. I set my rudder trim using
< for left and > for right but its not turning my plane to right or left when stabilizer is ON and its working fine when STABILIZER is OFF. thanks