24 Jul 2009

Migrating old memories and web pages and contemplations on what is real

About bloody time!


I finally got around to moving my old static and non-interactive ntlworld website to blogger. I forgot just how much change has happened over the last 6 years, while moving across some old pages.

We all started somewhere with online life - I'm sure a lot of you are of the same generation that can remember the days when there was no Internet. Yep, can you believe that!? Can you remember how the hell we got by 20 years ago without having Google ready to answer any questions, and the people we met were the people living in the same town?

When did you become hooked online?

I exclude the early years when I tried to play Duke Nukem 3d with my neighbours by modem to modem direct link. For me I discovered online gaming with the Munky Clan, an America's Army squad. It all came clear how fantastic and fun it can be to immerse yourself in a virtual reality, as it was not just the gaming but also the building of a clan and new friends. The naivety of these first days also led to major bust ups and emotional stress.

Then to be more serious about online friendships and gaming by joining a Virtual RAF Squadron to reenact WW2 air battles. You would think a bunch of guys could get on OK, but even then there are some problem individuals, though much easier to deal with in a virtual democratic militaristic group. 10 years and still going strong, EAF.

In the vast virtual worlds of today like Second Life, we ask ourselves is this real or not. If real means emotional involvement, then Second Life is real, as real as America’s Army clans were 6 years ago.

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Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce said...

"the people we met were the people living in the same town?" ..except for those strange pen friends encourage upon us by foreign language teachers, and they never seemed to work out! -Kate