4 Mar 2008

Operation Big Ben (Mar 05)

This is the true story about Raymond Baxter and 602 Squadron's involvement in Operation Big Ben - the anti V2 campaign. This movie is based on the squadron diary as published in the book 'Operation Big Ben' by Craig Cabell and Graham A Thomas.

It was the greatest honour to have Raymond Baxter watch my movie before he passed away. He wrote me this letter:

Click HERE to download the high quality version from Netwings or click below to see the streaming version from vimeo.com:

Operation Big Ben from Russell Boyd on Vimeo.

Awarded the Golden OLEG

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Anonymous said...

Hi Russell -
Excellent! Raymond Baxter was a friend of mine, and I've also met Cupid Love and interviewed Max Sutherland, when I was researching 602 Squadron's history for my book ("Lions Rampant") and some BBC radio programmes I did on them in the 1980s. You've brought the story alive again for the 21st century. Thank you. Doug McRoberts